Ocean of Streams

You can use this app to stream 130,000 free movies, concerts, images, readings, and books from over 1,000 collections. You can also view hundreds of continually updated news articles. It's an experiment in using an inviduvualized concept scheme and a single interface to a variety of media from a variety of sources. Think of it as a quirkily organized used bookstore - a mixture of useless oddities and hidden treasures, there for the finding.

To find a collection

  1. Select a major topic (News,Music,Movies,etc) in the top left dropdown
  2. Select a genre within that medium (Jazz,Poetry etc.) in the second dropdown
  3. Select a collection within that genre in the third dropdown

To navigate within a collection

Under the hood this app is linked data stored in turtle files. Other than the news feeds, materials come from WikiMedia Commons and The Internet Archive. Don't like my selection? - download the software and linked data files and customize it as you want :-).